Salt Lake City Courthouse Elopement

I loved wandering the streets of downtown Salt Lake City with Kendra and Dominic for this Courthouse Elopement.

Since covid happened, elopements have been all the rage. Its so easy to have a laid back, entirely YOU focused wedding day when all you need to worry about is the dress, bouquet, suit, tie, and where you are gonna do the thing! OH, and who your photographer is.;)

We started at the courthouse, then ran across the street for some pizza and ice cream. They mentioned the famous big gold door in downtown salt lake and we made sure to take a pit stop there. Which resulted in some of my favorite photos ever.

When it comes to eloping you really can just do it however you want. It doesn’t need to be fancy table set ups and elegant dinners (while I love that too!) it just needs to be about who you are as a couple. It needs to feel personalized and natural.

This was that. I hope you enjoy this casual pizza loving elopement with me, and remember that you can do your wedding however you want!

I am an elopement photographer specializing and advocating for couples to celebrate in their own unique way.

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