Meet Brooke

Whitefish Montana based, Glacier National Park, traveling wedding photographer & videographer, specializing in the Northwest
“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”

I am an artist based in Whitefish, Montana. One of the most wild, untouched and peaceful places in the north west. I am inspired by colorfully painted skies and big love.

I know the importance and scale of what my job really is. I am envisioning beyond today and remembering that you will one day have little ones that will treasure these images more than we could know. Looking through your memories with pride, that those pictures hold a frozen memory of their mom, dad, grandparents, and closest people. Those loved ones gone will have a place in your home forever giving you access to their energy and smiles.

Come experience a taste of what we can create together.

Want to plan this adventure together?

This work lights me up. It is my creative fuel and fire. It is my late nights and my early mornings. It is my honor to be at your most memorable moments in life. Truly, I believe it’s my calling.