An Editorial Shoot with Joy

Joy is one of those people that you want to be like. She was such a warm energy and soothing personality. She cares deeply about things that matter. Also, she has like 1000 plants in her home and has become tic Tok famous over it! I feel pretty cool that I knew her before her big break.

What I loved so much about this shoot was that we simply put on music and the goal was to be creative and a little different. Cool. With timeless pieces woven in.

She wore her grandmothers dress and earrings. Held one of her mirrors, and brought her ancestral energy into this shoot. I was in love with how everything turned out. It was like class and edgy came together wonderfully. A perfect mosaic of history and modern day.

Editorial photography gets my heart beating faster. I always thought I’d only have that for weddings but 2020 pushed me in ways I didn’t know I was ready for. I found myself craving simplicity and connection to portraiture. To showcase how standing alone is beautiful.

I went through a divorce in 2020 in march. It fell apart 2 days before the pandemic hit my area and everything was closed down. I have never had to did so deep in my whole life. Solitude in a time of great need. It helped me excavate my heart and uncover new gems in the darkest of places.

This shoot is one of those gems. An artistic expression of self-love, awareness, and hope. Me giving myself the freedom to explore new territory.

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