Should I do a small wedding or a big wedding?

I think this is probably the hardest decision for most brides to make. Here are my thoughts:


Small weddings are really appealing to the couples who want something more simple, less pressure, less stress, a lower budget wedding, and maybe you don’t want a specific somebody there…

It gives you a lot more options on locations, catering, widens your budget for photo and video services or florals. Everything is just a lot more simple. And you truly get to have only the closest people in your life there which can put any nerves to rest as well as help you feel more authentic on the big day.


So why would a couple choose to have a large wedding?


Well large weddings are really fun especially on the dance floor! There’s rarely a moment when the DJ isn’t actively involved in making people dance and the big loud energy of the party is really fun. Some people feel they have a lot of people close to them, or they wouldn’t want to exclude anyone from that experience with them. Sometimes traditions are important to them, and that may include inviting the whole extended family and family friends. You get more gifts, and lots of support from people you may have overlooked as a team player with you and your new life. It allows all the people you can think of who matter in anyway to you a chance to really show you how much they care and offer support either financially or provide you with new home items that helps you on your way into married life. Some couples are really outgoing and might even feel weird or awkward with a small group of people at their wedding.


It really comes down to what makes you feel most excited and most comfortable. This isn’t a day you want to be super overwhelmed by or regret anything you did. So sit down and really talk with your soon to be spouse about what matters most to you and weigh out the options. Try imagining both options. What does it feel like? What does it look like? Does budgeting play a role? Who are the people you definitely want there? What words would you describe your perfect wedding day to be?


Debating on a big large wedding or a small intimate wedding really is hard, and be patient with yourself and your partner as you decide which one is going to be the best for you.

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