Everything you need to know about planning your elopement

Everything you need to know about Elopements :

Eloping is becoming increasingly popular. It’s nice to be able to feel less stressed about all the people involved and guests that will have needs on the day of your wedding. Eloping can also save you a lot of money. You have a lot more time, which psssst, means more photos likely.


Here’s everything you need to know about eloping.


Typically with a bigger wedding you are going to want to book your venue first. This is most definitely not the case with elopements because usually there is no need for a venue, Usually (and not even necessarily)j ust an air bnb. ( and sometimes land permits), which your photog can help handle and assist with.  But what you do need to book first is actually your dream photographer! Photographers are booking out a lot further in advance ever since covid hit in late 2019. People are realizing its good to plan far ahead and ensure you get the vendors you love. A lot of photographers are dropping like flies because of the crazy rush that happened in 2021 and will continue to spill into 2022 which is now known as the “Wedding boom”. It burned a lot of people out, and created an entire year of no income. So the ones that have made it are really booked out.  Picking and reserving your photographer is #1 because then you know what dates they are available for and you can pick out an Air B n B from there.


Next, like I just mentioned is that you want to pick out an Air B n B or somewhere nice to stay the day before the elopement and the night of. Two or three nights is key to having a more relaxed and stress free experience. While choosing your stay or hotel make sure to send your photographer the listing and ask if they believe there will be enough good natural lighting so you can have the most stunning images from your big day.


Following this you will want to find an officiant or be aware of the state guidelines on how to legally get married in that area. It is going to be different in each state with different requirements for what makes it legal, so you need to know these things asap so you aren’t scrambling last minute for someone(s) to make it the real deal.


Okay, the fun stuff… Finding a florist! Look around the local area in which you want to elope and find a florist that you totally vibe with! Get on a call with them, show them your Pinterest boards and inspiration. GIVE THEM ALL THE DETAILS! The more you can really express what you want the easier their job is to execute a beautiful bouquet and arrangement for you. Also ask them about arches, do they provide some? Maybe your photographer will have one (AHEM, I do, just saying) and make sure all the details for your alter, table scape, and bouquet are completely nailed down.


Next, Create a rough itinerary for timelines, and places to eat. Know what’s around so that you aren’t stressing about what’s for dinner breakfast and lunch, you already have a list of these places for when you get hungry. Knowing when things are happening and where, along with taking sure your bellies are happy is really great for adding to that relaxed feeling you are going for day of. Pro tip: plan a little day after adventure in the local area, like a long date. That will really top it all off and end it on a beautiful high note.


Book your hairstylist and make up artist for the morning of your elopement. Give them the details of where and even go in for a trial run before hand if possible. Otherwise check out reviews on them or ask them to do the style on a mannequin before hand. The way your hair and make up look is going to affect your mood so much. You want to feel beautiful and still like yourself so ensuring this person really gets you and can deliver on what you want is key.


Okay, then you of course gotta find your wedding attire. Go get something that fits who you are and you feel comfortable and stunning in.


Once all this is nailed down, sit back and relax until the big day. Then just show up with your travel bags and you are ready to go!


The cost of a typical elopement is roughly 4k- 11k. Why does it vary so much? Well it depends on who your photographer is, or if you are also booking a videographer. This is and should be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding. It is what lasts the longest and what takes the most amount of effort and time. We work very hard on and after a wedding day and countless hours editing to ensure your digital images are perfect. But like all art and artists, everything is priced differently. The other thing that completely depends on your total cost is going to be where you are staying. Maybe you found an amazing place for $300/night so times that by 3 and your only looking at $900. But if you find a place you love for $1,000/night that’s going to be $3,000 for a 3 night stay so you see how things can really escalate in that area. But hey, when you aren’t spending $47,000 on a big wedding you may have the budget for higher priced pieces in your wedding. Its all really up to YOU!


As your photographer, when it comes to small and intimate elopements I am more than happy to help out with this process and even help find you other vendors that will fit into your elopement budget and retain quality work. I want your elopement to be flawless and I am more than happy to assist my couples with their needs. I also have a lot of experience with knowing what will photograph well, what florals look amazing, different tips and tricks for feeling your best day of and its my pleasure to help in any way. I want you to have the best day ever and have the best photos or video to remember it by.

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